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Dr. Leland Dao
Los Angeles Medical Clinic

After 20 years of medical practice in Hawaii, Dr. Leland Dao, DO, has opened a new location in Santa Monica to serve the Los Angeles area.  


Now Welcoming New Patients!

Dr. Leland Dao has opened his new practice in Santa Monica, California, and joins the renowned Osteopathic Physicians of Los Angeles Group


Opening Specials

Office Consultation — General Medical Examinations
Consultation — Osteopathic Evaluations and Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy Treatments

Other Services

$11 — Botox (per unit) 
$99 — House Calls (per 20 min)
$70 — Telemedicine Appointments (per 15 min)


See What We Can DO


“Dr. Dao is dedicated to helping others to achieve their goals in health and personal well-being. He continues to help professional surfing athletes in getting healthy to find their ultimate ride.  He remains an avid surfer himself, and also enjoys spending time with his family, raising his children with his wife Wendy.”