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Welcome to smooth and easy Healthcare

DrDaoLA is here to provide you with quality Medical services using modern Telehealth technology. This means no long waiting times in the office, just speak to your doctor from the convenience of your home or your chosen location using your computer, tablet or smartphone. The future of medicine is here, contact us for an appointment today!


Welcome New Patients!

Dr. Leland Dao is here to provide quality Healthcare delivered right to your computer or Smartphone.


Specializing in Video Consultation -Available throughout California and Hawaii— General Medical Services, prescriptions refills, referrals

$55 — Telemedicine Appointments (per 15 min., additional fees may apply)

Housecall Services, by appointment available in West Los Angeles

$99 — House Calls (per 20 min, plus travel fees.)

$11 — Botox (per unit) 


See What We Can DO


Dr. Dao is a renowned physician dedicated to helping others to achieve their goals in health and personal well-being. He has been providing care for patients for over 20 years, and now is using Telehealth Technology to help you become healthier and happier.